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20 Things That Prove The Majesty Of Prince

As Prince invades London to promote his 3RDEYEGIRL project, MOJO unveils 20 reasons to celebrate His Purpleness.

Prince Live

PRINCE FEVER IS AT, ER, fever pitch following last night’s guerrilla London show, Sunday night’s post-Super Bowl cameo on Fox’s New Girl sitcom, the release on iTunes of the latest single by his three-quarter-female rock combo, 3RDEYEGIRL, and continuing UK-based activity.

Prince MOJO Interview

PRETZELBODYLOGIC precedes the expected announcement of a release date for an album entitled PLECTRUMELECTRUM. The excitement underlines the impression that Prince is back, back, back.

Some (including Prince himself) would argue that he’s never been away. Even so, and despite extensive gigging, Prince albums have had mixed impact since 2006’s excellent 3121. However, everything around the 3RDEYEGIRL project, especially the music so far made available, including the recent single FIXURLIFEUP, suggests that anticipation is justified.

Stay alert for a special and exclusive Prince-related treat in the next issue of MOJO magazine, on sale February 25.

Meanwhile, enjoy MOJO’s 20 Reasons Why Prince Will Always Rule

1. He Can Play Anything Better Than You Can

He Can Play Anything Better Than You Can

Guitar, keyboards, drums, singing: he can do the lot to Mozartian levels. Jimmy Jam, future superstar producer to Janet Jackson et al, remembers an encounter when they were both at school in Minneapolis: “We were at Bryant Junior High. I was a year younger than him. We were in a band to back up the choir at school. I was gonna play drums, and I knew Prince played keyboards. He showed up at practice and picks up a guitar and plays, note for note, the intricate solo from Chicago's Make Me Smile. I made the mistake of getting up from the drums, and he sat there and he killed 'em. He had the biggest Afro in the world - that wasn't fair, either.”

2. For You’s Insane Calling Card

For You’s Insane Calling Card

Prince’s first album for Warner Bros, For You (1978), begins not with a funked-out jam but, with a wild unpredictability that predicted everything to follow, an a cappella overture featuring multiple Prince voices multi-tracked into a swooning choir (Roy Thomas Baker’s work with Queen – especially Bohemian Rhapsody – was the role model). Prince had arrived.

3. The Lary Lyricism

The Lary Lyricism

Some stories have the young Prince kicked out of the house by his piano-player dad, John Nelson, when the latter caught him with a girl, and tales of his sexual precocity have followed him ever since. Certainly, his lyrics have left little to the imagination. Do Me Baby, Jack U Off, Soft And Wet and Darling Nikki (“I met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine”) trumped all previous standards of R&B saltiness. Move over Barry White. If you can.

4. His Interview Rules

His Interview Rules

If this can truly be said of anyone who came to fame wearing women’s knickers under a flasher’s mac, there is a shyness at the core of Prince. But he’s turned a potential weakness to his advantage, finding ways to project the enigma via the minimum of public appearances. On Dick Clark’s make or break US pop show, American Bandstand in 1980, (from 3.45) his monosyllabic answers to the exasperated host’s very reasonable questions created a disproportionate buzz. Even as early as 1981, Prince was demanding that journalists who interviewed him did so without the aid of a tape recorder, and latterly has insisted they take no notes. Prince claims it’s to prevent his voice being bootlegged and sold on; he also knows that anything a journalist thought he said is probably even better than what he really said.

5. Purple Rain: The Movie

Purple Rain: The Movie

There had been hit rock movies before, but surely none so ludicrous, glamorous and funny – and how better to globally promote an artist who didn’t like to be interviewed and who was already questioning, like the Beatles before him, the value of the exhaustive world tour. At one point during 1984, Purple Rain was the Number 1 album and film in America.

>>> O(+> >>>

20 Things That Prove The Majesty Of Prince
February 5, 2014 By Danny Eccleston



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Prince Live in London 4 Feb 2014

I just saw Prince live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. I suppose there were 300 of us in the crowd by the end – press, friends, management and punters who all braved the terrible weather to rush to Camden on the off chance of seeing Prince & 3rdEyeGirl live.

I heard he was playing just as I was about to go to bed. It was a no-brainer, I live about a mile away. I pulled on a coat and ran down the road to Camden. By the time I got to the venue there were 6 people in the queue.

It was called an Open Press Sound Check, and it sounded good. We were treated to back-to-basics rock and roll: funky guitar, bass, lots of drums and plenty of singing by the audience. We even got to see a behind-the-head guitar solo.

‘Did he play any of his old material?’ I hear you ask. He mostly played new tracks – pretzelbodylogic, screwdriver, etc; but we got a rock version of I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man. The band rocked and I think his new material is ace.


Apparently he is going to be back in Camden tomorrow. I asked his management team for details but they wouldn’t giving anything away. I get the impression even they didn’t know what the plans are.

Prince signed off at 1am and thanked the venue for having them at such short notice. He even came back on stage to apologise to us for leaving so early and explained he couldn’t play on as he didn’t want to break the 1am curfew.

Final thoughts – 3rdEyeGirl rock and Prince looks like he’s in his 30s, not his 50s. Brilliant!


I am being asked for more info on what’s going on. I have no idea except a video was released pointing people to a countdown clock. I imagine the place will be mobbed, so you may find it easier to watch on the 3rdeyegirl livestream. Goodness knows if it will be shown on there.

And finally, this little beauty of a tweet crashed my site for a few moments at 4am this morning!!!


— 3RDEYEGIRL (@3RDEYEGIRL) February 5, 2014

Prince Live in London 4 Feb 2014
Posted by Ben Smart
on Feb, 05, 2014



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Prince Plays London Living-Room Gig

When Prince came to London a few years ago, he played more than 20 nights at the vast O2 arena. This time, he played a suburban living room to a dozen people.

The enigmatic star flew into London on Tuesday at the start of a still-evolving string of dates in support of forthcoming album "Plectrum Electrum," recorded with all-female trio 3RDEYEGIRL.

Details are being released in a trickle, but Prince said he planned to play "iconic" venues along the lines of music club the Bag o' Nails — where Jimi Hendrix once played — storied rock venue Electric Ballroom and Ronnie Scott's jazz club.

"We'll work our way up, if people like us, to bigger venues," Prince said.

His first stop was the East London home of British soul singer Lianne La Havas, who met Prince last year while she was touring the United States. The pair bonded over common musical tastes and a shared love of tea.

In her cozy living room in front of a crackling fire, the band played two acoustic tracks of what Prince called their "funky rock 'n' roll," or "funk 'n' roll," including the newly released single "PretzelBodyLogic."

Later, Prince and the band showed off its funk-laced, punk-edged sound in an unannounced late-night set at the Electric Ballroom, a landmark venue in north London's music heartland of Camden. He said he'd be back at the club on Wednesday — "a lot earlier and a lot funkier."

The trip to London, he said, is "open-ended."

"We're going to be here until people don't want to hear us anymore."

Prince said he planned to keep ticket prices as low as $10 — "because it's a new band and you're maybe not hearing what you'd expect."

The tracks on the new album were developed during epic jam sessions at Prince's Paisley Park studios near Minneapolis.

"We've been together for over a year and it's perfect," said Prince, who sipped a mug of strong tea with honey as he chatted to La Havas, her housemates and three journalists in the British singer's brick Victorian house. "The more we play, the more fun it is, and addictive it is."

Prince looked every inch the star in the incongruous surroundings, dressed head-to-toe in black and sporting a furry jerkin and large sunglasses.

The multinational 3RDEYEGIRL is made up of Danish bassist Ida Nielsen, Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis and American drummer Hannah Ford. Ford said the band sometimes jammed for 12 hours or more in days and nights of music interspersed with games of ping pong.

"That's our amazing life," she said. "And we wouldn't want it any other way. We are literally living a musician's fairy tale, and it is now our reality.

"Once you start jamming you sort of forget about the time," she said of the band's sessions with Prince.

"A lot of the time we didn't even know we were recording for an album. We were just jamming and vibing off one another."

Prince, she said, is "an incredible teacher in all the genres — rock, punk ..."

"And ping pong," added Prince.

For 55-year-old Prince — a genre-bending musical pioneer and outrider for more than three decades — the unusual promotional tour reflects a determination to do things his own way.

"I was in it (the music industry) and got out for obvious reasons," he said. "I'm just hooking up with like minds."

He said he's sworn off contracts and deadlines because "it's just no way to make art."

Prince said he hoped to record the band live during their stay in London, as well as buying "some clothes — and some tea."

Asked if — as rumored — he would play the Glastonbury Festival in June, he didn't issue a denial, but said he was trying to "slow time down" and live in the moment. "I can't think of the festival now."

He spoke about his decision to launch a lawsuit — later dropped — against fans who posted links online to unauthorized footage of his performances.

"Nobody sues fans," he said. "It's just a poor way to phrase it. A bootlegger is a bootlegger, a scalper is a scalper. They know what time it is.

"Just sharing music with each other — that's cool," he said. "It's the selling that becomes the problem."

He claimed not to have noticed that 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of his groundbreaking album "Purple Rain," regularly hailed as one of the best records of the 1980s.

"I don't look back," he said.


Jill Lawless can be reached at

Prince Plays London Living-Room Gig
Feb 4, 2014 By JILL LAWLESS Associated Press



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Breaking: Prince to play surprise gig at Electric Ballroom tonight?

Prince live


Rumours are swirling online regarding Prince’s announcement of his forthcoming UK tour, with signs pointing to a surprise gig at Camden’s Electric Ballroom club in the early hours of Wednesday (5th February).

According to multiple sources, Prince has just finished his closed press conference at Lianne La Havas’s apartment, performing two acoustic tracks, Pretzelbodylogic and FunkNRoll, for Channel 4 (the only press allowed entry) and Seatwave. It’s likely that a full open press conference will take place at 3am at the Camden venue, with a full show to support the announcement.

Twitter rumours have continued that the London venue will play host to all the mini gigs, between 8th-16th February – if true, with a capacity of only 1,000, this will be one of the most sought-after events in recent times.

**UPDATE** Prince has confirmed he is to play at Electric Ballroom AGAIN on Wednesday 5th February.

Finishing with 'play that funky music' #Prince: "come back tomorrow, same time, same place.. Peace"

— Ben Quinn (@BenQuinn75) February 5, 2014

Music Week have also added fuel to fire, tweeting commentary similar to the above:

It is appearing increasingly likely that PRINCE will play a surprise gig at London’s Electric Ballroom in the next couple of hours. TONIGHT.

— Music Week (@MusicWeek) February 4, 2014

VARIOUS UPDATES BELOW AS THE NEWS PROGRESSES (please note we will be posting rumours unless there is confirmed news)

**UPDATE** Prince onstage at Electric Ballroom:

They won't let us take pics, but snuck this one. Thanks @musicweek for tip. Prince @Eballroomcamden. 50 people here

— Stephen Budd (@stephenbudd) February 5, 2014

Prince at the Electric Ballroom anyone?

— Scroobius Pip (@Scroobiuspipyo) February 5, 2014

**UPDATE** Photos of both a supposed queue outside Electric Ballroom, as well as inside set-ups are starting to circulate on Twitter:

Queue outside Electric Ballroom in Camden for Prince & @3RDEYEGIRL ‘open press’ night! #PrinceUKTour

— Gregg White (@FunkyMrG) February 4, 2014


@3RDEYEGIRL & #Prince Open press soundcheck at the Electric Ballroom in Camden right now #UKTour

— LV (@wOOnOzE) February 4, 2014

**UPDATE** Rumours are that tonight’s gig will be free. It’s unclear as to whether this will apply for all the London events.

**UPDATE** Further rumours that gigs at The Camden Falcon and Finsbury Park’s Sir George Robey pub are to be announced.

**UPDATE** It’s likely the Camden Falcon / Sir George Robey ‘gigs’ are a hoax.

Breaking: Prince to play surprise gig at Electric Ballroom tonight?



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5 Reasons To Be Excited RIGHT NOW If You Are Prince Fan

Prince is set to have an epic 2014. Here's why you should be excited

Prince is having another moment. Actually, to be real about it, the Minnesota music deity has had several moments throughout his illustrious, unpredictable three-decade career. But this year Prince seems to be once again swinging for the fences. Following this past Sunday’s album listening event in New York to pub up his latest band 3rd Eye Girl—an event that was attended by everyone from NASCAR icon Jeff Gordon to rising talk-show queen Wendy Williams—Prince has been a busy man.

The game-changing artist, who is set to headline this year’s 20th Anniversary Essence Fest (July 3-6), has just dropped the first official single to his upcoming album Plectrum Electrum, the guitar rock throwdown “PRETZELBODYLOGIC.” He made a rib-tickling appearance on Zoey Deschanel’s New Girl on Sunday, and is, sometime today, set to announce details on a world tour. As we wait to hear the run down and new album, VIBE presents five reasons it’s good to be a Prince fan in 2014. Game, blouses.—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

5. His Royal Badness Is Loosening Up
The Purple One has long shown a left-field sense of humor throughout his career. Indeed, Prince displayed the funny most recently with his show-stealing post-Super Bowl guest spot on the cutesy FOX sitcom New Girl, which was loaded with hilarious myth-making irreverence. Of course Prince commands butterflies, teleports, and makes pancakes. It was so surreal that we were waiting to witness him fly off on a winged Pegasus. And yet the man who made his debut late last year on Twitter in a very Princely fashion—the image of the smoke selfie was perfect on so many levels—still doesn’t seem like the type of guy you could grab a beer with. But Prince unleashed his human side during the 3rd Eye Girl listening session. Yep that was Mr. Nelson himself, immaculate Afro, too-cool-for-school shades, pimp cane and rock-star fringe vest inside the DJ booth with rap immortal Doug E. Fresh dancing to EU’s “Da Butt” and Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P.” Who knew?

4. Prince Is Still His Genre-Hopping Self
Musically, Prince in 2014 is working with house money. But he’s still giving fans a plethora of sounds to choose from. If you like the volume turned up to 11, check out his latest single “PRETZELBODYLOGIC,” complete with crunchy, body-punching guitars and trippy lyrics (“Taste the bittersweet undone/Now we both too sleepy to get the gun…”). If you like some nasty swing injected into your rock be on the look out for “Funk N Roll,” one of the new tracks featured on Prince/3rd Eye Girl’s upcoming album due out this year. Or maybe you just want to dance your ass off. In that case, Prince should do the club dwellers a favor and drop the infectious “Don't U Wanna Fall In Love Tonight,” a Camille-flavored, synth and horns workout that has “hit” written all over it. And then there’s the Prince-goes-to-the-trap weirdness of the sparse remix to “Funk N Roll.” Yep, someone has been listening to the radio. There’s plenty of rumbling 808, party-people chants and an Outkast-meets-Janelle-Monaé-meets-controversy-era-Prince, fuzzy rock freak-out that turns the whole damn thing on its head.

3. Prince Doesn’t Need An AARP Card
Right now, the 55-year-old Prince is supposed to be relaxing into his golden years at Cracker Barrel eating split pea soup. But dude ain’t about that life. Instead he still releases music and performs like his life depends on it 30 plus years into his show-stopping career. He’s set to tour again (more on that later) and he continues to record with the obsession of a fledgling garage act trying to score a record deal. So what else does an artist who has sold over 100 million records, won an Oscar, and influenced a generation of musicians to wave their freak flag have to prove? Not much. But don’t tell Prince that.

2. His Band Of Becky’s Kick Ass
The truth is, Prince was featuring female musicians in his band before it became worthy of a press release. Now following the impressive likes of Wendy & Lisa, Sheila E, Rhonda Smith, and Cassandra O'Neal is 3rd Eye Girl. Prince’s bouncy trio of chick players—Hannah Ford (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass) Donna Grantis (guitar)—are no mere gimmick. As evident by concert footage played during Sunday’s formal introduction to the 3rd Eye Girl members, those in attendance were impressed with the trio’s raw yet dynamic musicianship. They play loud and without much regard for human life. In the immortal words of the man himself, not bad for a girl.

1. Prince Is Touring Again…Rejoice!
There are few things more dependable than Prince live onstage. Even disgruntled followers who believe his recent studio output is not on the groundbreaking level of his prime genius years will testify to this. And so the same Prince who last year made the South by Southwest Music Festival his proverbial bitch, led his 3rd Eye Girl clique through a critically-acclaimed mini-tour and flaunted his guitar god credentials, and knocked out a now legendary August marathon gig at New York’s City Winery will be kicking off his next Hit & Run trek in the UK. In typical Prince fashion he is expected to announce more details about the tour sometime today in the living room of English folk-soul singer Lianne La Havas’ flat (that’s British speak for apartment, folks). Really, Prince, the next time you want to announce something the VIBE offices are open homie.

5 Reasons To Be Excited RIGHT NOW If You Are Prince Fan
Posted February 4, 2014 By Keith Murphy



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In search of Prince of pop on eve of London gigs - video

The pop star Prince is in town for a short run of London concerts, and was due to hold a press conference - but no-one knew where, as musician Boya Dee reports.


In search of Prince of pop on eve of London gigs - video


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